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What will your business gain from having mobile security patrols?

Even with many crimes not being reported, increased shoplifting, criminal damage and burglary are still on the rise, as figures show from a study of police-recorded crimes.

Many business owners looking to place extra security for their premises, goods, tools and vehicles will consider mobile security patrols as a preventative measure against crime.

A professional mobile security patrol service will provide a business owner with many benefits, including:


Multiple locations being patrolled

Regular checks and surveillance to many areas on site can be arranged to suit the needs of the business owner. Vulnerable locations with poor lighting can be specifically targeted throughout the night shift and other areas of concern. Mobile security patrols can cover large areas in quick time, especially if they are carrying out checks in a vehicle or on a bike.


Deterrent to criminals

Once the presence of security can be seen on site this will naturally deter any criminal activity. Officers patrolling the premises will be highly visible in uniforms or marked vehicles to make themselves stand out.


Carry out checks

Security checks can be carried out by mobile patrols which can take place at any time and anywhere. Alarms, windows and doors can be routinely checked throughout the shift and any other checks that may be required.


Keyholder duties

A property keyholder must be able to reach the premises in 20 minutes. In the unfortunate event of an alarm going off, a mobile security patrol officer, as an appointed keyholder, is able to take care of the situation, in case another keyholder isn’t available or is unable to attend in time.


Latest security technology

A professional mobile security patrol company will be using the latest technology to keep business premises safe and secure. With this technology it also allows them to collect vital data and put it to good use. This data could be anything from a door being left constantly open or unlocked, to extra security measures needed for the perimeters of the business.


Lastly, we know that business owners like to get a good night’s sleep. A mobile patrol unit will offer peace of mind to anyone looking to step up security for their business. If you would like to discuss your security requirements with a professional mobile patrol company, then give us a call on 0800 292 2667 or email us at info@amatterofpatrols.com

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