What Does a Mobile Patrol Officer Do?

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People often don’t understand that the job of a mobile patrol officer is very important and hard. In this blog post, I’ll talk briefly about the job and try to give you an idea of what they do.

The main difference between a mobile patrol officer and a static guard is that a static guard stays in one place for the whole shift, while a mobile patrol officer, as the name suggests, moves around. They only spend a certain amount of time at each site before moving on to the next one in a planned order. It can be busy and tiring a lot of the time, but almost never boring.

Key Responsibilities of a Mobile Patrol Officer


When patrolling, buildings, construction sites, equipment, and sometimes even staff are watched and inspected. As a mobile patrol officer, it is your job to keep the building safe and make sure that all security alarms and equipment are working properly.

Most of the time, all parts of a building need to be checked to make sure they are physically safe and to show that people are on site and paying attention. People who want to break into or damage something are usually scared off by mobile patrol officers, who make them go somewhere else where they are less likely to be seen.

When on patrol, it’s also important to be aware of what’s going on around you. It’s important to listen to your gut and call the police as soon as you think something is wrong. Mobile patrol officers are often the first ones at the scene of a break-in. To help the forensic police, they are responsible for keeping the scene as clean as possible. The patrol officer is also in charge of keeping the site safe until a static guard or staff member lets them out.


Alarm Response

When a security alarm goes off, monitoring companies send out mobile patrol officers to check it out. This could mean that you show up just before or during a break in. Time is of the essence, so patrol officers are expected to drop what they are doing and go as quickly as the law allows to find out what set off the alarm.

Often, the alarm is a false alarm, which means that after the site is checked and found to be safe, the alarm is turned off and the place is locked up. Sometimes, though, the patrol officer is the first to find out about a crime. It is his or her job to secure the scene, keep unauthorised people from getting in, and try to find out as much as possible to help the police.


Staff Escorts

Mobile patrol officers are also sometimes asked to go to a site to help customers’ employees get to their cars after hours so they don’t get harassed or attacked. Again, this is a time-sensitive task that needs careful planning so that you don’t show up late or waste time.

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