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What does a Mobile Patrol entail?

Investing in mobile patrol security is one of the most beneficial things you can do when protecting your premises. A physical guard will act as a visible deterrent to potential criminals and ensure any issues are identified as soon as possible. Mobile patrols are also a very cost-effective method of security.

So, what do mobile patrol officers do?
Mobile patrol officers are professionally trained to be alert and observant at all times. They will detect even the smallest changes in their surroundings, allowing them to assess danger as it arises. A mobile patrol officer will also recognise suspicious actions through body language, allowing them to detect and defuse potential issues.

While patrolling your premises, the officer will observe all settings. This will include:
• Doors open that are usually closed
• Open or damaged windows
• Signs of unlawful entry such as marks, dents, boot prints
• The presence of unauthorised vehicles on site
• Unfamiliar sounds
• People loitering around the premises

Mobile patrol officers will slowly drive around the site, using high-quality flashlights to see into dark, vulnerable spaces. They use their experience teamed with intuition to determine risk factors. This will not only ensure that your premises are secure and safe, but they will also report any suspicious behaviour in the area to the relevant authority.

Security officers perform mobile patrols with extreme attention to detail. They see the bigger picture and are trained to assess all surrounding areas when patrolling for a specific client. Any suspicious behaviour or loitering highlighted by mobile officers could help prevent criminal behaviour such as vandalism, break-ins, theft and even arson.

The visible presence of mobile security officers and the various times they patrol makes them a fantastic investment when looking for crime prevention and security. Potential criminals and even opportunists would be put off targeting a site with mobile patrols as they would never be sure when it would be safe to strike. With an increased risk of being seen and prosecuted, many criminals would not attempt a crime on a patrolled building.

These security officers are highly skilled and experienced in handling challenging situations. This enables them to deal with problems efficiently and safely.

For more information on how a matter of patrols can help your business security, contact us on 0800 2922667

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