Using A Mobile Patrol Service to Enhance Business Security

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If you are looking to enhance business security, a mobile patrol service is a fantastic investment. Business owners will always want to know their business is as secure as possible, with the safety of staff, customers and assets a priority. Here we look at why a mobile patrol service is one of the most effective ways a business owner can enhance business security and ensure maximum safety.

The Purpose of Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrol guards are highly trained to respond quickly and efficiently when protecting your business. They will not only be prepared to detect potential risk, but they will also know how to act fast and limit problems. This is a great and cost-effective way of protecting your business, staff, customers and assets. After-hours security does not have to be extensive or expensive. A mobile patrol service is the perfect solution.

The Benefits of Using Mobile Patrols for Your Business

Night-time security – Leaving your premises overnight can feel risky. A mobile patrol guard can cover the hours you require, leaving you safe in the knowledge you have eyes on your business.

Locking and unlocking – Mobile patrol guards can lock windows, doors, shutters, and equipment when you specify to ensure your valuables are securely locked away.

Random checks – An unpredictable patrol is vital with mobile patrolling. Criminals will be deterred if they do not know when to expect a guard to be present.

Staff safety – If you have staff working overnight or arriving early, they will likely feel safer with a mobile patrol guard on site.

Car park and premises coverage – It can be easy to overlook the external areas of your business, but they are integral parts. A mobile patrol guard will ensure all areas are monitored and safe from theft, vandalism, trespassers, and graffiti.

Responsive – The guard will act quickly if an alarm is raised, or they spot a potential threat. They are trained to handle confrontational matters and contact the relevant authorities. They will assess the risk and deal with it accordingly.

Recorded patrols – Your mobile patrol guard can manually or digitally record the events of their patrol. The areas they patrolled and when and the things that were noticed etc., will all be available for review.

If you are looking to enhance the security of your business, a mobile patrol service is an ideal solution.

To find out more about the mobile patrol security solutions we provide at A Matter of Patrols, please contact our helpful team on 0800 292 2667.