The Importance of An Experienced Security Guard for Your Business

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Business owners have a responsibility to ensure staff, customers and property are as safe as possible. A security guard is one of the most effective ways to bring ultimate security to your business. However, hiring an inexperienced security guard could cause more harm than good.

Here we look at potential issues you could face by hiring a security guard without the correct experience.


SIA Certification

An SIA certificate is a qualification in security recognised by the security industry authority. If your security guard has this certificate, they have completed a course covering the relevant aspects of security roles. This will provide training on dealing with difficult situations professionally. If you hire a security guard that does not have this certification, you are risking hiring someone without the required knowledge and skill. This could mean they will miss potential warning signs and not be equipped to handle security issues when they arise.


Visibility and Vigilance

Criminals are deterred by the mere sight of a security guard. If your security guard is inexperienced and not passionate about the job, they may appear nervous or distracted.

An inexperienced security guard may not be aware of the best method of effectively overseeing all areas of your premises. A trained and experienced guard will be able to cover all areas safely. They will be able to supervise the full perimeter of your property easily and know the tactics required in various situations.


Tackling Criminal Activity

An inexperienced security guard may not be confident or knowledgeable enough to tackle a crime head-on. This can leave your premises, possessions, and staff at higher risk of harm or theft. If your security guard is trained and experienced, they will be able to read people and potential situations. This decreases the risk of a problem escalating, with your guard able to defuse potential problems.

Part of security training covers crisis management. If a fire were to start, or any event that may cause panic, your security guard should be able to help calmly direct people to safety. Evacuation must be in an organised way to limit casualties and panic.


In summary, even a small business will benefit hugely from a trained and experienced security guard. The peace of mind and safety a security guard can provide is highly valuable for any commercial property. Safety and security are paramount, so security guards are not an area for compromising or cutting corners.


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