Security Guards and Security Companies – The Misconceptions

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There are some common myths about security companies and security guards. Some people wrongly assume that security is an easy job suited to anyone. This could not be further away from reality. Here, we look at the three most common myths and misconceptions about security guards and straighten the record.


You do not need specific training to be a security guard

Many people wrongly assume that being a security guard is a simple job that anyone can walk into. This is not true. The misconception that a security guard sits around all day is completely wrong. These guards undertake extensive training and testing. This is to ensure they can remain calm in an emergency and deal with stressful situations. They will be trained to spot suspicious behaviour and react quickly and safely while protecting those around them. This includes the de-escalation of situations that are potentially violent or volatile. They also receive training in technical reporting and security technology.


Being a security guard is best suited to men

This is an offensive assumption but also a common one. Women are just as capable as men of undergoing rigorous security guard training. Yes, the security industry is largely male-dominated, but many female security guards are going above and beyond to keep people and properties safe every day. This number is increasing every year, with more female security guards being hired.


A security guard needs to be muscular and big built

The stereotypical image of security guards being huge and muscular is definitely a myth. Yes, being fit and strong is an advantage in the role, but that does not mean you need to be muscular and big built to be a security guard. Alertness, mental awareness and professionalism are the essential qualities here. The ability to make tough decisions quickly and defuse situations while protecting those around you is also important. A calm, confident person is far more important than an intimidating physique.


In summary, the role of a security guard is challenging but rewarding. You will need to undertake thorough training and be dedicated to the role, which is suited to any gender. People skills, intuition and the ability to remain calm are critical factors for this role.

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