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Providing security checks for your business during lockdown

Providing security checks for your business during lockdown

Business owners are looking to tighten security of their business premises, as lockdown has forced many of them to close, pull down the shutters, leave buildings unattended and potentially open to criminal damage. Some businesses may be more vulnerable than others, with easy public access and a high street presence being of great concern.

Lockdown has prevented us from carrying out many on-site assessments, but we aim to provide excellent security advice and have outlined some very important security checks for any business looking to implement extra measures to minimise theft or vandalism to their business.

Site plans

Making a site plan of the business premises will help you understand where all entrances, exits, walls, fences and boundaries are. Map out all areas and include as much information as possible. Ensuring the plan is clearly marked this will be your guide to enable you to pinpoint areas where security is needed.

Exit and entrance points

Include all external doors (including emergency doors), ground floor windows, fire escapes, exterior stairways, roller or shutter doors, loading bays, delivery areas or roof access.

Door and window locks checked

Windows and doors can provide an easy way in if checks are not carried out properly. Good quality locks should be resilient against forced entry. Ensure all keyholder details are up to date and any main access is restricted to key personnel. Be aware of the type of entry systems you have in place and where these are located. We would also recommend intruder alarms are tested and security providers are contacted in the event of any alarm changes needed.

Adequate lighting

Ensuring adequate lighting for interior as well as the exterior of your business premises can deter potential criminal activities. Good lighting will illuminate CCTV and provide much-needed clarification of any person/s entering business premises invited or uninvited. Timers and energy-efficient bulbs can help in reducing electricity bills where extra lighting is required.

Remove valuable goods from sight

Removing valuable goods and leaving workplaces empty can be reassuring to a business owner. Move materials, office computers, equipment and documents to safer locations if required, ensuring the possibility of theft on the business property is limited.

Separate outbuildings

Storage buildings or any other separate buildings must remain secure. Make note of entry points and locks and mark them out clearly on a site plan. We would also advise making a note of valuable materials and supplies for insurance purposes to cover any losses in the event of theft. 

We hope these pointers have been helpful and please contact us if you have any security issues regarding your business or home.

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