Advanced Site Checks
Our patrol officers will carry out a full site patrol checking all of the following:

Physical Security Patrols in Essex

Our physical security patrols service enables clients to dictate the frequency of thorough foot patrols throughout their entire home residents including any outbuildings or business premises.

Our physical patrols service is the next step in security to our mobile patrols service as it involves one of our guards physically checking all doors and windows as opposed to a visual mobile patrol.

Our guards will be patrolling your premises on foot and spend more time carrying out a full assessment of each premises.

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Tailored to your needs

At A Matter of Security we understand that no two premises are the same. We tailor each and every Mobile Patrol to suit your business needs!

fully trained officers essex

Fully Trained Officers

A Matter of Patrols have a fully trained and experienced team of patrol officers who are able to ensure your properties security

free site survey essex

FREE Site Survey

In order to gain a full understanding of your premises we carry out FREE Site surveys prior to carrying out our patrols service