Most Dangerous Areas in London

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London is among one of the safest cities in the world – ranked fourteenth safest in the world by the Economist last year. However, as with most major cities, London does have its problem areas, with some being a lot worse than others. Here are some areas that have been rated among the most dangerous:

The City Of Westminster – Ranked the most dangerous area in London for four years in a row, Westminster has almost double the amount of crime as some areas, such as the Borough of Hamlet. This is mainly due to high levels of tourism in the area. Tourist attractions bring large numbers of people, which in turn encourage pickpockets and thieves, with most of Westminster’s reported crime being thefts.

Kensington and Chelsea – The smallest London borough is also one of the most dangerous. Partly due to being next to Westminster and having tourist areas of its own such as Harrods.

Islington – Despite being the second smallest of London’s boroughs, Islington is in the top ten of the most dangerous. This could be in part due to Islington having some wealthy areas, as criminals will see a bigger reward for their crimes.

Hammersmith and Fulham – This may be surprising to hear, as this is the area most famous for being the home to Chelsea, Fulham and Queen’s Park Rangers football clubs, but Hammersmith and Fulham ranks in the top ten most dangerous London boroughs, partly because it is so densely populated despite being a relatively small area

Camden – Another area popular with tourist, Camden is home to London Zoo, a popular market and numerous popular music venues. It is also ranked as the second most dangerous borough in London behind the City of Westminster.

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