Mobile Security Patrols – The Benefits

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Security is an essential part of running a business. You may have an IT department that handles your online security. Perhaps you have an accounts department dealing with your financial security. So, it makes sense to invest in professional physical security to protect your building, staff and customers.

Benefits of Mobile Security

Hiring professional security guards for mobile patrols has many benefits for a business, some you may not have even considered. Here we look at the three key benefits.

Crime prevention

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of physical mobile security is crime prevention. Crime is an unfortunate issue that affects all industries. This can range from theft and vandalism to arson and aggression. All crime has a negative impact on a business. It can be expensive, stressful, and psychologically harmful for the victims.

A mobile security patrol is the perfect crime deterrent. They will cover all areas of your premises with a trained eye and know how to act swiftly and effectively to potential trouble.


Even the safest areas may fall victim to crime. Your property, staff and customers must be as safe as possible. Mobile security will help achieve a high level of safety at all times. They are trained to spot and diffuse difficult situations and keep the area and all people in it safe. Their intuition, teamed with their ability to remain calm, brings a solid safety level to any business. Guests will be more at ease with the presence of a professional security guard.

If you have employees doing shift work, a patrolling security guard will give them peace of mind that they are safe around the clock. Employees that feel safe and cared for will lead to more productivity and morale.

Security for all areas

Mobile security guards provide excellent safety and security for all areas of your property. This includes the surrounding land and your base. Entrances and exits are covered, and any suspicious behaviour nearby will be detected by a trained eye/ear.

Stationary guards are a fantastic security measure, but the areas covered by mobile guards put them a cut above the rest. If your premises cover a large area of land, such as a construction site or warehouse, the guards may use vehicles to cover the space. Your entire business will be surveyed, and any suspicious behaviour will be detected.

Mobile guards will pick up on subtle warnings signs we may miss, such as faulty windows or doors or volatile situations.

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