Mobile Patrolling Vs Static Guards

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Static guards are an effective security investment. However, mobile patrolling has several advantages over static guarding. Here we look at why investing in mobile patrolling could provide the absolute best security for your premises.
Fast ground cover
Mobile patrolling is a fast way of covering all areas of your premises. It offers an immediate response to an alarm or a cause for concern, particularly on more significant sites where mobile patrol cars may be used. A mobile patrol officer will quickly attend the scene of concern, ensuring any perpetrators have minimal time for success and escape.
This is a substantial advantage for larger areas, such as building sites or farms.
Multi-skilled and trained
Static security guards are well trained in dealing with security matters on-site and within the premises. A mobile patrol officer will know the vulnerable areas of your entire site and quickly spot potential issues.
They will spot concerning behaviour as well as signs of crime on site. They will know how to act quickly and safely, communicating with the correct emergency services if required.
Not everything is picked up by CCTV. There could be blind spots, and there may be subtle tell-tale signs in behaviour that can only be detected up close. A mobile security guard will quickly assess risk and act accordingly. All staff and customers will be directed to safety if necessary.
Keeping criminals on their toes
One of the biggest advantages of investing in mobile patrolling over static guarding is the uncertainty for potential criminals. A patrol officer that quickly and attentively covers an entire premises will certainly keep criminals on their toes. If someone is looking to vandalise or burgle a property, they would be deterred by the element of surprise that a mobile patrol officer brings.
Even the most determined criminal would think twice about committing an offence when they are unsure of the location of a mobile officer. They will be uncertain of when the patrol occurs, and which areas are covered when. A professional mobile patrol officer will frequently change their patrolling schedule so as not to provide a quickly learnt pattern for potential perpetrators.
Mobile patrolling is a cost-effective way of providing your premises with the absolute best security. A mobile patrol officer will only charge you for the hours they spend patrolling your premises, and there are no hidden extra costs. The decrease in crime will protect your finances once you have mobile patrolling in place. You can choose the frequency of your mobile patrolling to suit your premises and budget. This flexible option means a sound and visible security presence is affordable.
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