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Lockdown forces businesses to close

With many businesses instructed to close their doors to the public in order to protect staff and customers, how does an unmanned business protect itself against vandalism and theft during lockdown?

Have a protection plan

Your business will need protection throughout these difficult times. Assess what areas your business needs protecting the most and make lists of what’s required to keep your business safe from opportunist and idle vandalism.

Keyholders and alarm call outs

Sometimes deciding who will be keyholders to your business can be difficult. Professional security companies can take on keyholder roles, to ensure you receive a guaranteed response to an alarm call out. Passing these roles onto a professional security company will provide comfort in the knowledge that emergencies are taken care of 24/7.   

Manned security

If your business has no regular traffic, be it people or vehicles then this could attract the wrong kind of interest. Manned security will reinforce a message that your business is protected and deter possible criminal activities against your premises and what may be contained inside. Access via more than one entrance can be monitored by manned security through CCTV too. Manned security can also sign staff in and out of premises and ensure health and safety precautions are being upheld at all times.

Mobile patrols

Using professional mobile patrols can be an essential part of securing your business. Members of the patrol team can patrol the interior and exterior of your premises, be invaluable keyholders, check windows, doors and skylights and respond quickly to any suspicious activities that may occur.

If you are considering any of these safety measures to protect your business, then give us a call on 0800 292 2667 to discuss further.

Your business could be a risk during lockdown, but with professionals on hand, we can help protect all that you’ve worked hard for.

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