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Key Holding in Romford, Essex

Welcome to A Matter of Patrols, your go-to company in Essex for dependable key holding services. We provide thorough key holding services to make sure that your keys are safe and secure because we recognise that you could need to access your property at any time.


From routine property inspections to emergency call-outs, our team of skilled security experts is equipped to handle all key holding situations. With our dependable and effective service, you can relax knowing that your keys are in capable hands.


Prefer A Matter of Patrols for Commercial Key Holding in Essex


At A Matter of Patrols, we take great satisfaction in providing our customers with excellent service. Here are a few explanations for why people in Essex always choose us for key holding:


  • Expertise: We have a great deal of experience working with a variety of clients in Essex to hold keys. Your keys will always be in safe hands thanks to the advanced training and experience of our security team.
  • We provide key holding services around-the-clock so you may have access to your property anytime you need it. Our crew is always available to respond quickly and effectively to emergency call-outs.
  • Customised Solutions: We are aware that each client has specific needs for key keeping. We provide specialised solutions in order to satisfy your unique needs. We can offer a service that suits your needs, whether you require routine property inspections or emergency call-outs.
  • Comprehensive Security: Our solutions for comprehensive security support our major holding services. To provide you the utmost piece of mind, we may offer a variety of security services, such as mobile patrols, alarm response, and CCTV surveillance.


Our Essex Key Holding Services


In Essex, we as A Matter of Patrols provide a variety of key holding services, such as:


  • Emergency Call-Outs: To respond to emergency call-outs, our crew is available around-the-clock. We can enter your property swiftly and effectively, making sure that your keys are kept safely and securely.
  • Property Inspections: To make sure your property is safe and clear of any hazards, we may offer routine property inspections. Our staff will conduct a comprehensive assessment, looking for any indications of damage or shady behaviour.
  • Access Control: By controlling access to your property, we can make sure that only authorised individuals have access to your assets. Our staff will keep a record of all major movements, giving you a thorough account of who has entered your property.
  • Key management: We can take care of your keys, making sure they are securely kept and available whenever you need them. To provide you complete piece of mind, our team will keep a thorough record of any significant movements.


For Key Holding in Essex, please contact us.


Go no further than A Matter of Patrols for trustworthy and competent key holding services in Essex. We are dedicated to giving our customers the best possible service and making sure that their keys are always safe and secure.


Please get in touch with us right away to find out more about our key holding services or to obtain a quote. Any questions you may have will be promptly addressed by our helpful staff, who are also available to offer you any necessary support.


Key Holding FAQs


What is key holding?

Key holding refers to a service where a trusted security company, like A Matter of Patrols, retains a set of your property’s keys, ensuring they’re safe and allowing us to swiftly respond to emergencies or provide routine access to the premises.


Why should I consider a key holding service for my property?

A key holding service ensures that a professional team can respond immediately to any emergency situations at your property without inconveniencing you, especially during out-of-office hours. It also reduces risks associated with staff handling keys and emergency situations.


How do I know my keys are secure with A Matter of Patrols?

Your keys are stored securely in line with industry standards, and all key movements are recorded meticulously. Our staff is extensively trained, ensuring that your keys are handled with the utmost care and professionalism.


What happens during an emergency call-out?

In the event of an emergency call-out, our trained security personnel will access your property using the keys we hold. They will assess and handle the situation, be it an alarm response, access requirement, or any other emergency, ensuring the property’s safety.


Can I request property access for routine inspections?

Yes, as part of our key holding service, we can facilitate routine property inspections, ensuring your property remains in optimal condition and is free from any potential hazards.


How frequently can I access the key holding service?

Our key holding service is available around-the-clock. Whether it’s for routine inspections or emergency call-outs, you can rely on us to provide swift access to your property.


What procedures are in place for key management?

We maintain a comprehensive record of all key movements. This includes details of when keys are taken out, returned, and the reason for access. This ensures full transparency and accountability in our service.


Can I customise the key holding service according to my needs?

Absolutely. At A Matter of Patrols, we understand that each client’s requirements might differ. We offer customised key holding solutions, so whether you need regular inspections or just emergency call-outs, we can cater to your specific needs.


Do I need to provide all keys, or can I choose which keys to provide?

You can decide which keys you want us to hold. Our service is designed to be flexible to meet the specific security needs and preferences of our clients.


How can I start using the key holding service with A Matter of Patrols?

To begin using our key holding service, please contact us at 0800 292 2667. Our dedicated team will guide you through the process and address any questions you may have.


Matter of Patrols may be reached at 0800 292 2667 if you wish to discuss Key Holding for your Essex business.

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