Key Holding Explained

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Professional key holding services can help many businesses in Essex with their security plans, and here’s why.


What is a key holder?

Essentially the title is self-explanatory but being a key holder requires responsibility and reliability. A key holder will not only take care of keys to the premises but will be able to respond to any emergencies in a timely manner. This gives business owners peace of mind that emergencies will be taken care of by a security professional.  A key holder can also prove to be very handy if the main key is lost or stolen.


Advantages of key holding

When keys to the business are handed over, there’s an element of trust between the owner and the key holder. The owner places great responsibility with anyone who’s a key holder and there are certain roles they must be able to fulfil. A professional key holder will know how to deal with break-ins, protect staff and property, all within a certain time frame. They will be trained to handle security issues at all times of the day. Alarm calls can also be disruptive to any staff or business owners holding a key. Holidays, sick days and other possibilities also need to be taken into consideration, if you’re not using a key holder from a professional security company.


More than a key holder

Professional security companies will be able to offer you many other security measures for your business, along with the key holding role. Keyholders can perform security checks such as CCTV monitoring, the manned presence or patrolling certain areas. Businesses are constantly having to keep up with security technology too, but with a professional security company, they can give you an insight to all the latest tech and provide you with the most up to date security service for your business.


If you would like to speak to someone about Key Holding for your Essex business, then give us a call on 0800 292 2667.