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How To Prevent Security Breaches From The Inside

Think about all the threats your business will face from outside. It’s easy to forget about the dangers and perils your business faces on the inside. Most of the time, security breaches come from inside an organisation and may have been caused by a “inside job.”

As long as most companies do background checks on new employees, you can never be too careful.

A Matter of Patrols is a security company that specialises in safeguarding businesses from outside intruders, but we also know that there is always a risk from inside the business. So, here’s how to keep your computer safe from people on the inside.


Change passwords and codes often.

If you want to keep internal security threats at bay, you should change and remember new passwords and codes. Change things like alarm codes and computer passwords every 6 months to keep the business premises and important data out of reach.

By updating these security measures on a regular basis, you make sure that only people who are trusted have access to the company’s most important things. You can talk to us about how to change alarm codes or your IT department about how often they should remind you of your passwords.


Make it so that no one can get in.

You’re going to have employees leave your company at some point. It doesn’t matter if it was their choice or not. However, not blocking access for former employees can be very dangerous from a security point of view.

Email accounts and the local intranet could be at risk if they can still get into them. On top of that, they might still know the alarm codes or have a card to get into the house. When a member of staff leaves the company, have a way to stop them from getting on the computer.

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