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How To Keep Your Industrial Site Secure

Security is crucial for any business, but industrial sites are particularly vulnerable to crime if the necessary security measures are not in place. Industrial site managers will want to ensure their site and equipment are protected at all times, and here we look at the three best ways to maximise industrial site security.

CCTV Systems
CCTVs are the go-to for many businesses looking to provide a good level of security. Many types of CCTV systems are available, with thermal imagery among the most effective. While CCTV is a fantastic security tool and a great deterrent to criminals, it has drawbacks. Let’s look at the pros and cons of CCTV:
• Real-time recording
• Reliable evidence
• Great deterrent
• Monitoring events
• Can be costly
• Can be dodged if faulty or not correctly placed
• Can not prevent the crime
• Can invade privacy
If you are considering investing in a CCTV system, it is best to consult a security specialist, such as A Matter of Patrols, to discuss remote CCTV services.
Security Guards and Mobile Patrols
Security guards and manual patrols are highly effective security options. The site of a physical guard can deter criminals, and a professional guard will operate on an unpredictable schedule.
• Trained guards know the signs to watch for that could indicate danger. Small things that we may not consider suspicious will grab their attention.
• They will notice weaker areas of the site, such as broken windows or unlocked areas.
• Potential criminals are less likely to target a site overseen by a physical guard.
• They patrol every part of the site differently each shift to ensure a pattern cannot be worked out by potential criminals.

• The cost could be an issue, particularly if your site is large and requires multiple guards round the clock.

Clear Signage
Strategically placed, clear signage around the perimeters of an industrial site with details of the security services you use is a great way to let people know you are serious about security. Signs like this can go a long way in deterring criminal activity, such as theft, vandalism and graffiti.
The takeaway is that it is worth investing in the best security methods if you are serious about providing security for your industrial site. A combination of CCTV and manual patrols is ideal, and always use a professional security company.

Contact A Matter of Patrols on 08002922667 to discuss your requirements.

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