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Holiday Security for your business

Everyone is happy and having a good time during the holidays. While you’re having fun, though, your place of business is just sitting there empty. You could use any of the four security steps below to make certrain your business is safe while everyone is away.


Mobile Patrols

A mobile patrol is a way to make sure your property is safe. They will come to your property at times you choose throughout the day. They can also check at random times during the day.

With this service, you can rest easy knowing that your business is being monitored on and is in good shape. Because this is being watched by security, it will also keep criminals away. All year long, a mobile patrol can be used on weekends, in the evenings, or when the building will be vacant for long durations.


Static Guards

A stationary guard is always on the premises to provide security. Your company and you decide on these times, and then static guards are put in place. This gives your building full-time security.

With a static guard service, you can worry about other things and know that your business is safe. Some companies can use this service all year long, but others only use it when you and your staff are on vacation.


Concierge Duties

Concierge work is often done for hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and big businesses. This service saves you money and desk space because it does two things at once. The concierge’s job is to greet guests, watch CCTV, answer calls, watch who comes in and out of your building, and provide a standard security service.

This service is great for big businesses that need someone to work at the front desk and keep an eye on things. The work can be done during the day, giving your employees and visitors a sense of safety when they are on your property. This might also be needed at night, like in hotels that are open all day and all night. This will also discourage anyone who might be thinking about breaking the law on your property.


Key Holding & Alarm Activations

A security measure called “key holding” is when a security company keeps a set of your building’s keys, usually in a key vault. Then they won’t get lost, and if anything goes wrong on the property, they can quickly get in. An alarm activation service is for when a business’s alarm goes off and a professional needs to check out the place of business.


Getting alarm activation services is a good idea if you don’t want to put yourself in danger. You can use this service all year long, so you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night or on the weekend to check your company. But this service can also be used during times when no one is there.


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