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Finding the Right Security Company for You

A wealth of security companies offer many security services across the UK. So, how do you know who the best security company is for you? Security is essential for all property owners, whether business or residential. Here we look at how to choose the ideal option for you.

Industry Accreditation

A reliable security firm should hold a security industry accreditation. This could be in the form of proof that they conform to BSI or SIA standards or specific accreditations in various security operations. A security company with nothing to offer in the way of certification may not be trustworthy.

SIA (Security industry authority) holds government approval, so it is always reassuring if a security firm has accreditation from them. Accreditations demonstrate expertise in the security field and a dedication to their field. This should help assure potential customers that the company is reliable, skilled and genuine.


All businesses claim to be committed to offering a good quality service. You do not see advertisements saying ‘we do not meet standards’! However, you should delve a little deeper to determine if a security company is indeed delivering the high-quality service they claim to be.

Take the time to read through their website, speak with a staff member, and read through testimonials. This should give you a feel for the business and how they operate. If they do not offer reviews or testimonials on their site, this could be a red flag. Try using a search engine to see if anyone has reported a negative experience with them.

Remember that a small collection of five-star reviews may not be genuine. Look for realistic comments with details that span a period of more than the last few months. A solid business history should reflect in reviews.

Compare Prices

Once you are sure of the security services you require and have checked out a few businesses, it’s time to compare prices. You should find there isn’t too much of a difference between security firms as they compete with each other. If one place is considerably lower than the rest, perhaps question that.

Following these few simple steps when seeking a professional security company will help set you up with the right security solutions. A security specialist, such as A Matter of Patrols, will have all information readily available to help you make a fast and informed decision.

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