Does your business need Mobile Security Patrol?

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Small and medium-sized businesses in Essex rarely have appointed security mangers or even a security budget. However, all Essex business owners, no matter their size, are concerned with security. Has your business considered the benefit of a mobile security patrol? Here are a few reasons why this may be the best option for your business:

  • You can choose where and when these patrols take place, and precisely what they involve. They can be at random or specified times. They can consist of just simple checks of the perimeter, the external windows and doors, or a more involved look at the internal building. You can decide what is appropriate for your business.
  • They may pick things up in areas that are not monitored by any cameras you may have, or that an intruder alarm system may not detect
  • Just their presence can act as a deterrent – knowing a property has consistent mobile security patrols can be enough to put off potential troublemakers
  • It is a more cost-effective option. CCTV monitoring and a constant manned security presence can end up being very expensive, and sometimes just not affordable for a small business. Mobile security patrols are definitely the way to go for maximum security when your budget is tight. This is because you can tailor them to meet your individual needs as well as to what you can afford. Prices usually depend on your postcode, as well as the time the patrols will take and exactly what they will involve
  • They can be adapted at notice. If something were to happen in the local area, or you were going away for a while, you have the option of increasing the frequency of your mobile patrols. You can also alter them to make them more extensive
  • Construction site security is one area where a Security Patrol would be very effective.

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