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Does Your Business Need A Security Guard?

Private security is a service used by many businesses, large and small. Whether you own a shop, warehouse, salon, restaurant or office, security should always remain a top priority. Any company that has a physical base will require adequate security.

Burglary, theft, and vandalism are among the crimes that all businesses must protect against. There are many options when looking at security services. CCTV, alarm systems and video monitoring are all fantastic ways of adding security to your building. Here we look at the signs that it is time to invest in a security guard for your business.

High crime rate – If your business is in an area with high crime rates, you will want to ensure you have the best possible security solutions. A security guard is a highly effective way of protecting your building, staff, and property. A visual guard will also act as a deterrent for criminals.

Customer safety – If you are a commercial business, and you have customers on-site, you will want them to feel safe and secure with every visit. If your customers feel uneasy due to the lack of security, it could put them off returning. This is especially true for those areas with high crime rates. A security guard on-site at a shop, bar, eatery, or salon will immediately ease customers.

People traffic – If your business is in an area that attracts high amounts of people traffic, it will be near on impossible to keep track of everybody that passes. This hectic environment provides opportunities for thieves and pick-pockets. A security guard is not only off-putting for criminals, but they will be trained to detect potential threats and suspicious behaviour. They will also be skilled in dealing with such events, which means your property, staff, and customers are much safer.

Insurance – Many factors are considered when insurance companies assess your policy, including location, industry, whether alcohol is served, and the products that you sell. Hiring a security guard reduces your risk of making a claim and, therefore, will lower your insurance cost.

The Benefits of a Security Guard

A security guard will react immediately if there is an issue on-site. They are also highly likely to stop problems that would otherwise go unnoticed. Examples include problems with locking systems, doors, and windows. A guard will also monitor areas that cameras cannot cover and oversee, as well as the current security surveillance and access control systems.

Not only will a security guard bring a precious layer of security and safety to your business, but they will also give your staff and customers peace of mind.

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