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Core Duties of Mobile Patrol Officers

Mobile patrol officers are an asset for any commercial property. They are trained in spotting and preventing crime and serve as a highly effective deterrent against crime. Here we look at the core duties of a mobile patrol officer.

Monitor and Assess

A mobile patrol officer’s key role is to patrol all internal and external areas of your property, assess potential threats and deter crime. They are trained to evaluate every nook and cranny and spot signs of danger or criminal activity. Showing presence is essential, as criminals will find a well-protected property less appealing when looking to strike. A trained patrol officer will also assess your fire safety and spot potential weaknesses.

Loss Prevention

The physical presence of a mobile patrol officer will put many criminals off. This will reduce the theft and vandalism related losses for your business significantly. Trespassers will be stopped or caught, leading to the prevention of damage and theft and the prosecution of criminals.

Reporting Information

Your mobile patrol officer will instantly notify the relevant departments if suspicious activity is detected. This will help the authorities if a crime has occurred. They will also report any weaknesses in your security or faults that require attention.

Health and safety

A professional mobile patrol officer would have received sufficient training. This will cover extensive health and safety and first aid training. There is also a requirement to complete refresher courses after a set amount of time has passed. They should also be trained in fire safety and the evacuation process. Safety strategy plans and remaining calm in an emergency are crucial. Your mobile patrol officer should be highly competent in this area.

All-round security

Your mobile patrol officer should not only be alert, knowledgeable and highly skilled, they should also have a sound method of communication with the relevant security bases and authorities. Knowing who to inform and when is an integral part of security. The exact location of suspicious activity should be quickly relayed to the relevant department to ensure safe and fast security solutions.

In summary, a mobile patrol officer is a fantastic security solution for your business. A pair of trained eyes assessing your property is crucial when looking to enhance security. The highly trained and skilled officer will be able to react quickly and professionally, making your business safer for you, your customers, and visitors.

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