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Construction Security Guards – The Benefits of Hiring Construction Security Guards for Your Site

Unfortunately, construction sites are a common target for criminals, with millions lost yearly due to theft and vandalism. This is due to the valuable power tools and construction equipment on site being on display. Insufficient storage teamed with poor security measures leaves many construction sites vulnerable to crime.

Here we look at why construction security guards are a fantastic round-the-clock security option for any construction site.

A Deterrent – The physical presence of a security guard is a powerful deterrent for criminals. Cameras have blind spots, may break and do not provide an immediate response. A security guard will be alert and know the signs to look for, acting quickly if an issue arises.

Reduces arson and vandalism – Arson and vandalism are not as common as theft, but they are an issue for large, unattended areas such as construction sites. A construction security guard will reduce the opportunity for criminals to strike and show a physical presence at the site. Any vandalism that may occur will be immediately detected and dealt with accordingly.

Site access – Professional construction security guards are trained in access control. This will help to provide maximum security and monitored site access for your entire construction site. A large site will have several access points and vehicles and people with varying access and security details. This will run smoothly with the addition of construction security guards.

Protect workers – If employees feel safe and valued, they will be more productive and committed. A secure and happy working environment is important. Construction security guards give workers an extra layer of protection, particularly those working alone or working night shifts.

Detect and resolve conflict – Construction workers receive thorough training in all areas of security. This means they have the skills to detect, defuse and resolve the dispute as it arises. Construction is a high-pressure industry, with challenges and conflict being common. Construction guards will help nip these issues in the bud with the best techniques. They are a reliable pair of eyes if a problem were to spiral, and information about the event is required by a neutral person.

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