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Combatting Construction Site Theft

Criminals increasingly target construction sites, well-aware of the lucrative nature of plant machinery and equipment. Large machinery such as excavators and rollers can fetch thousands of pounds, even when used, while smaller items like tools and generators are also attractive targets for thieves. The lack of unique identification features on these smaller items makes them easy to sell online and locally. In 2021, tool theft in London alone amounted to nearly £17.5 million!

AMI Group has noted a growing trend of customers securing smaller machinery, like generators, using self-contained battery-operated devices without external wires. Many also prefer to use these battery solutions in conjunction with manufacturers’ telematics systems as backup, since the manufacturer solutions can often be bypassed during thefts.

Theft in the construction industry tends to be premeditated, particularly when it involves large machinery and equipment. Some criminals even specialize in the theft and resale of construction plant. The demand for such equipment has soared, with construction and earthmoving machinery sales rising by 75% in 2021 compared to the previous year.

The prevalence of construction machinery and equipment theft shows no signs of slowing down. Rather, there are growing concerns that the situation could worsen as construction companies already grapple with rising building material costs. Criminals continue to capitalize on high prices and long lead times for their personal gain. Familiarity with their tactics and employing a mix of security measures is the most effective way to deter thieves seeking to profit from plant theft.

As theft rates rise within the industry, it is crucial for companies to safeguard their assets with proven solutions. Theft not only results in the loss of machinery but also impacts work schedules and other factors, causing companies to suffer financial losses beyond the value of the stolen equipment.

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