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Can business security improve with mobile patrols?

For some businesses, it’s not just a case of turning off the lights and locking up after a hard day’s work. Additional security may be needed for certain areas or goods essential to the business.

In an ideal world, thieves would be deterred by basic security measures such as locks and alarms, but unfortunately, theft and mindless vandalism is a concern for every business, once a workplace is left unattended.

A mobile patrol presence at any business premises will show potential criminals that the business owner is taking steps to prevent crime and will not be an easy target.  Patrols can be arranged at any time of the day or night to suit the owner’s needs. They can also be changed daily so that thieves trying to assess patrol times are hard to monitor.

Having mobile patrols in a largely unattended area also instils confidence within the public, and local residents will feel a sense of safety, knowing that certain places are patrolled, to ward off potential criminal activity within a community.

Mobile patrol presence will:

Deter criminals

Reduce the risk of theft and vandalism

Minimise loss of profits

Provide peace of mind

Stepping up security for a business is vital for insuring against loss of earnings, through stolen goods and vandalism. A mobile patrol will certainly provide peace of mind to any business owner that they are providing the best security measures possible.

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