Benefits of using Mobile Security Patrols

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A study made from UK police crime records stated that shoplifting, criminal damage and burglary were affecting businesses every single minute of the day. A sobering thought, when you think these statistics are only based on the ones that were prosecuted.

Unfortunately, businesses find themselves having to protect everything they’ve worked hard for and many business owners are turning to mobile security patrols to protect their premises and valuable goods.


Why are mobile patrols so valuable to a business?

  1. Mobile security patrols are there to be seen. Having a prominent presence at any site, or place of business will give a strong message that security is taken seriously and will deter potential criminal activities. Patrol cars or security personnel in uniform at any premises is a great way to provide your business with the safety and security it deserves.


  1. Numerous locations can be covered by car, on foot or on a bike. Routine checks of the whole premises, including being able to visit specific locations can provide a wider security service to outbuildings, storage areas or vehicles.


  1. Alarms, locks, windows and many other security checks can be carried out throughout the shift. Being able to respond to any emergencies or alarms being set off is key when it comes to hiring security patrols. Additional security checks can also be addressed too, including doors or windows accidentally left open by staff.


  1. Keyholding and alarm response services give peace of mind to business owners. Having a professional on hand to ensure the place is safe, deal with any events and turn off the alarm in a timely manner can be vital if business owners or key holders don’t live nearby or are on annual leave. If keyholders fail to attend alarms (within 20 minutes) on more than 3 occasions it can be regarded as a nuisance and police will no longer attend your premises.


  1. Using mobile patrols can provide a much-needed insight into how your business needs protecting. Professional mobile patrols can use the latest technology, gain information on how criminal behaviour changes accordingly and reveal new ways in which security can be stepped up.


  1. Using data from security patrols and analysing incidents that may have happened previously allows you to move forward in terms of security. Certain areas may be left constantly unattended or have windows or doors that need replacing. A mobile patrol with the right kind of software can eliminate future problems or alert you to key areas that need additional security.


  1. Security for your business can be easily provided with various options to suit your budget. You may only need certain areas patrolled, or at certain times of the day. The key thing to remember is that it might be more costly and time-consuming if you don’t protect your business premises and valuable goods.


If you would like to enquire about having mobile patrol security for your business, then please give us a call on 0800 292 2667 or email: