Achieving Optimum Security For Your Construction Site

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Did you know that up to £1 million in construction site equipment is stolen or vandalised every week in the UK? This is a considerable financial blow to contractors in the construction trade. Insurance does not always cover these problems, leaving many companies out of pocket and causing delays to projects.


Methods Of Crime Prevention For Construction Sites

At A Matter Of Patrols, we have extensive knowledge of the most effective crime preventing methods. There are a few options to ensure you have maximum protection for your construction site.

Security Guards – A guard on site will not only be able to act quickly, but they will also serve as a deterrent to criminals and opportunists. A security guard will know the site and be able to visually monitor and respond to anything suspicious. They can also provide valuable feedback.

Security Systems – Some of the machinery on a construction site is extremely expensive and specialist. This equipment, along with tools and materials, should always be in view of your chosen security system. A 24/7 CCTV system is an excellent option for any construction site. It will also act as a valuable piece of evidence if a crime were to occur, leading to the possible recovery of goods and a conviction.

Site Alarms – A sound alarm system will not only alert workers, security, and the authorities to trespassers, but also act as a deterrent to criminals. Your construction site should be equipped with a decent burglar alarm system as well as a fully operating and regularly tested fire alarm. Fire damage is dangerous and costly.

Secure Perimeters- A tall and sturdy fence forming a perimeter around your construction site is an excellent way of putting criminals off. The time and trouble it would take someone to combat the fence would draw attention and raise the alarm. An electric fence would be even more effective.

To find out more about the security services we offer at A Matter Of Patrols, contact us on 0800 2922667