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A Guide To Construction Site Security

A Matter Of Patrols provide construction site security for sites in the Romford, Essex area, ensuring sites of all sizes are consistently and effectively deterring crime at all time. The security of a construction site is incredibly important, with figures suggesting that up to 92% of constructions have suffered site crime weekly, monthly or annually. All construction companies want to protect not only their site but their workers, and our extensive knowledge teamed with our professionalism means we can make this happen.

Impact Of Construction Site Crime

  • Work Delays – While you are trying to get your premises and equipment to normal and safe use after a break-in you could be holding up important work which could impact on your relationships with clients and damage your reputation.
  • Cost Of Damage – Thieves want to take goods as quickly as they can and this will likely leave flooring, walls and fixtures damaged. This will take time and money to put right and cause further disruption to business.
  • Cost Of Materials – Thieves will obviously target items and materials that are in demand, expensive and hard to trace. Things like metal are among the most common. This can leave your site without vital equipment.
  • Insurance – If you have a break-in that results in having to use your insurance company then you will be facing an increase in insurance premiums for the next few years.

Methods Of Construction Site Security

  • CCTV – CCTV provides your site with 24/7 monitoring and deters potential trespassers. You can upgrade your CCTV to include features such as facial recognition and have the system placed, running and monitored to suit your needs.
  • Security Guards and Dogs – A visible deterrent that can warn off most thieves just by being present. You can team security guards with a CCTV system for a tight security schedule.
  • Access Control – Providing authorised individuals with access to certain zones can eliminate unauthorised access to areas with more vulnerable goods.
  • Fencing, Hoarding and Gates – If a site appears to be hard to break into due to high fencing, hoarding, gates and barriers that could possible be alarmed it will not so be appealing to thieves.
  • Security Lights – This is a cost-effective way of deterring criminals, by showing the site in full light with no places to hide. This will also help to enhance the quality of CCTV footage.
  • Plant Tracking And Immobilisation – Tracking and immobilising tools and plant is a great way to reduce the profit for anyone looking to take them.

At A Matter Of Patrols, we know the importance of keeping your site secure when it comes to running a successful and safe business in Romford, Essex, and our team are here to find the right security system to suit your needs.

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