It’s no good having an alarm system that doesn’t trigger an appropriate response when activated.

An employee, home or business owner shouldn’t have to put themselves at risk when called by an alarm receiving centre.

Key holders inevitably do this each time they attend a property in response to an alarm being activated.

  • A Matter of Security Patrols (AMOP) aims to eliminate the risk to the Key Holder
  • AMOP will be on standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to any alarm, PA or fire alarm activation
  • We will provide 24 Hour surveillance to each site
  • Upon activation of your alarm system, we will immediately dispatch one of our mobile patrol officers who will conduct a full search of your property and take appropriate action
  • Ensuring you can carry on operating the business or living in your home as usual
  • AMOP aim to beat the response time of the local authorities




Should there be any indication of a break-in, after investigation, our dedicated 24-hour control centre staff will notify a key holder of your choice and request the assistance of the emergency services if necessary.

What does a key-holder do?

Our key holding service gives peace of mind to business and homeowners that a licensed security guard will deal with an alarm activation when it occurs no matter what time of day.

As your nominated professional key holders for your intruder, PA, or fire systems upon notification of an activation, we will dispatch a licensed security officer to attend site.

The first member of our team to arrive on site will undertake a thorough external and internal check of the premises to understand the reason for the activation.

If required AMOP will liaise with the necessary security companies to reset your systems and leave the property secure.

In the event of a serious incident, such as burglary, fire or flood, we will remain on-site and manage the situation as required (e.g. liaise with the emergency services, boarding, glazing and locksmith companies) and only leave the property once it is re-secured or upon your instruction.

For more information on our mobile patrols service please contact our team.